Eight Best 5 Star Hotels In Kathmandu with Casino

Traveling is fun but sometimes when you are traveling to someplace new you might want to stay in a flashy hotel. Upgrade your vacation with a 5 star hotels in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is one of the best tourist destinations in Asia, offering heaven for vacationers with its breathtaking scenery, natural beauty, and great weather.

By providing access to book the world’s most exclusive luxury 5-star Hotels In Kathmandu with Casino. We provide the busy time-strapped client with a fast and effective way of seeking quality 5-star accommodation.

They require for their trip, be it a short business stopover, a lengthy conference, a special private weekend or a luxury sabbatical tour! Lodging in a hotel or resort like a palace with great facilities. Entertainment on tap or nearby is only a few clicks away in our hotel reservation directory.

Hotels In Kathmandu with Casino

Top Luxury 5 Star Hotels In Kathmandu

Kathmandu is one of the best tourist destinations in Asia, offering a heaven for vacationers with its breathtaking scenery, natural beauty and great weather. This beautiful city has plenty of sightseeing spots, shopping centers and casinos. Find the best hotels in Kathmandu by checking out hotel.yatratv.com

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

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Address – Taragaon Boudha, Gpo Box 9609, Kathmandu, 44601, Nepal, 866-539-8122

Luxury resort with two restaurants, near Boudhanath

Main Amenities

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu is one of the most famous 5-star luxury hotels and resorts. This hotel has 280 guestrooms, own Casino. It has two restaurants, Outdoor pool; they also provide Full SPA service.

Lot of services including main amenities like Breakfast, free area shuttle, three outdoor tennis courts, 24-hour business centres, airport shuttle, in-room childcare, Terrace Free WIFI, and free parking.

Dwarika’ Hotel

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Hotel Yak & Yeti

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Hotel Shangri – La

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Gokarna Forest Resort

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Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel & SPA

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Hotel del’ Annapurna

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Crowne Plaza Hotel Kathmandu – Soaltee

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Hotels Facilities


As you consider which 5 Star Luxury Hotels In Kathmandu to stay at, remember that the style of the hotel also matters. For example, some of the very best hotels in some cities are those that are linked with area casinos.

Others give you such a great Internet connection that it will be no problem to play online casino games! In any case, it is important to know what the style of the hotel is before you book your stay there.

Find out if the facility has any links to any of the other attractions within the city. A luxury hotel does not have to have affiliations either.

In some cases, luxury terminology simply allows you to stay at some of the best known and top of the line hotels in the world. You know that top of the line casinos by name, as do most others.

Before selecting one of these well-known brands of hotels, find out as much as you can about the individual hotel before staying there.

Hotel Amenities

Five-star luxury hotels in Kathmandu amenities. One of the reasons people select one hotel over the other is because one will dazzle them with better amenities. These are the things the hotel offers that you would expect to find or actually need to have when you are visiting.

One of the biggest differences in hotels is that the amenities are not the same across the board. As you consider where you should stay for your special occasion or your vacation, check out the 5-star amenities offered.

Many of the luxury hotels offer private services, including private messages, dining facilities, private help within the suite. These can add to the luxury of the stay if you use those services.

You can expect to find top of the life fitness equipment, spas, massage parlours, excellent concierge services and much more. Most of the luxury hotel’s amenities will be clearly outlined on the hotel’s website, but if you do not see something you want, ask for it.

Expecting From Kathmandu Hotel Services

Best five-star` Hotels in Kathmandu are designed to accommodate every whim of those who stay at them. You are paying more for them, and therefore you expect that every amenity will meet your particular needs.

Still, before you book that luxury stays, do take the time to consider a few details about the hotel. Not all 5-star luxury hotels in Kathmandu are worth the money you will pay for staying at them. Consider a few tips to help you to select the best one.

You are enjoying your vacation, and you find yourself wanting to sleep, take a long bath and just relax in the room. That is because you are staying at 5-star luxury hotels in Kathmandu. It does not matter what is going on outside your room.

There is plenty to enjoy within your simple room as it is. If this is the case, then you know that the hotel did a fantastic job.

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