Hiden Places to Visit in Pokhara for couples

Like the valley of Kathmandu, Pokhara valley is blessed with fertile soil. Add to this an average of more than 420 mm (155 inches) of rain a year and it is no surprise that the land burgeons with lush vegetation: cacti, bananas, rice, citrus trees, mustard fields, hedges of thorny spurge spiked with red blossoms, walls studded with focus.

Places to Visit in Pokhara panorama temple

Top 5 Places to Visit in Pokhara

  1. Phewa Lake
  2. Barahai Temple
  3. Seti Gandaki
  4. Devi’s Fall
  5. Mahendra Gupha(Cave)

The patchwork terraces are cut through by gorges channeled by the Seti river and scattered with lakes that glitter like diamonds in the spring sunshine. The ochre mud and thatch homes of the Hindus migrants from the Terai contrast with the white-walled, slate-roofed homes of the native Lamaistic tribes from the flanks of the mountain.

47 years ago, Pokhara was an insignificant, little-known town. The first motor vehicle, a jeep, arrived in 1958-by airplane. Progress since then has been swift, encouraged by tourists and climbers, the advent of hydroelectric power I 1967 and the completion of the Prithvi Highway in 1973, within a decade Pokhara’s population doubled to 50,000.

phewa lake pokhara

There’s even a movie house. Local legend says Phewa lake covers an ancient city engulfed during a cataclysmic earthquake millennia ago. Today local fishermen ply their dunga (long dug-out canoes, fashioned from tree trunks) on the placid waters, ferrying pilgrims to the shrine of Vahari, a golden temple nestled on an island. They’re also a Royal Winter Place for winters on the lakeshore.

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