Himalayas Spiritual Healing Shamanism in Nepal

More ancient than either Hinduism or Buddhism is a belief in a spiritual healing In Nepal by the jhankri, or shaman. In the isolated communities of the Nepal Himalayas, all illnesses are believed to hail from the spirit world. And must be banished by means of exorcisms, sacrifices and herbal medicines. 3 Things About Geographical Regions of Nepal You May Not Have Known.

spiritual healing samanism in nepal

Spiritual Healing in Nepal

These are some spirits name in Nepal. Such as:

“Warrior King of the Black Crag” and

“Great Lord of the Soil God” and

“Fierce Red Spirit”

They are invoked from the shadows of eternity. These take hold of the shaman and then exorcise evil and sickness from the patient.

Convulsive shaking during a ceremony known as puja is the key sign of possession. If the shaman cannot find the lost soul of the patient then the victim will die.

Himalayas Shaman

himalayas shamanism

Minor illnesses, however, are less traumatic, for both patient and witchdoctor. The jhankri invokes a magic formula called phukne, and caresses away the pain of the affliction with a broom while reciting sacred prayers, mantras.

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