Famous Traditional Architecture of Nepal

55 window palace bhaktpur

The traditional architecture of Nepal – For most of the last millennium the compact valley of Kathmandu Nepal. It has been home to three kingdoms are Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan. They were known in the Malla era, Kantipur, Bhadgaon, and Lalitpur. The rivalry between the three, no more than a day’s march from each other, … Read more

The Beauty of Nepali Art and Culture

Nepali Art and Culture

Nepali art and culture has been strongly influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism. Artifacts, crafts and traditions are linked to religious beliefs. The themes of Nepali art often revolve around deities, myths and rituals. The influence of the spirituality and traditions of Nepal can be seen in the beautiful artistic expressions which. This deep connection between … Read more

Nepal Arts and Crafts: Rich Tapestry of Creativity

Nepal Arts and Crafts

Nepal arts and crafts are a vibrant testament to the country’s rich history, cultural diversity, and artistic expression. Most Nepali art is worked in stone, metal, wood or terracotta. Compared to other art forms, there is very little painting in the history of the country’s art, but the fine, filigree detail of Nepali sculptures, in … Read more

Fascinating Architectural Designs of Nepali Temple

Architectural Designs of Nepali Temple

The architectural designs of Nepali temples are influenced by different cultural and religious traditions. The architectural design of the Nepali temple is made of a mixture of traditional and modern design. Nepali temple design reflects the rich cultural, spiritual history of the country. Many temples in Nepal are designed in the shikhara and pagoda style. … Read more

Famous Old Nepali Religious Paintings

Famous Old Nepali Religious Paintings

Most Nepali Painting is of a religious nature and has existed since the ascendancy of the Lichhavi dynasty in the fourth century. The earliest surviving specimens, however, in the form of illustrated manuscripts, date back only to the eleventh century. These manuscripts were produced in Buddhist monasteries and, together with Thangkas – a form of … Read more

Interior Design of Temple and Durbar in Nepal

Interior Design of Temple and Durbar in Nepal

Today we are discussing Historical Interior Design in Nepal and Newari traditional architecture in Kathmandu Nepal. Even more detailed and expressive than stone and metal are the wood and ivory carving which grace the buildings of Nepal, on struts, pillars, beams, doors, windows, cornices, brackets, and lintels inside and outside temples and private homes. The … Read more

Must See Famous Architecture in Nepal: 2500 years Old

Treasury of Buddhist and Hindu art and Architecture in Nepal

Nepal is perhaps the world’s greatest treasury of Buddhist and Hindu art and architecture in Nepal is of a religious nature. More than 2,500 years of the Hindu and Buddhist faith have given Nepal an unrivaled collection of religious architecture and art, from the simple Buddhist stupas to the ornate Hindu pagoda temples. Architecture in … Read more