Himalayas Spiritual Healing Shamanism in Nepal

spiritual healing samanism in nepal

More ancient than either Hinduism or Buddhism is a belief in a spiritual healing In Nepal by the jhankri, or shaman. In the isolated communities of the Nepal Himalayas, all illnesses are believed to hail from the spirit world. And must be banished by means of exorcisms, sacrifices and herbal medicines. 3 Things About Geographical … Read more

Why Nepali Calendar different and 57 years ahead History

Nepali Calendar

The Nepalese Calendar is based on the actual movements of the sun and moon in the sky. It’s also known as Bikram Sambat, or Common Era Nepali Calendar and is officially adopted by Nepal Government. The Nepali calendar is approximately 56 years and 8 months ahead of the English calendar which is known as the … Read more

How did Siddharth become Buddha

How did Siddharth become Buddha

Lumbini Birthplace of Buddha’s, in the Terai of southern Nepal, is the birthplace of Siddharth Gautama Buddha. It is as sacred to the world’s 300 million Buddhists as Mecca to the Muslims and Jerusalem to the Judeo-Christian faiths. The Buddha was born in 540 BC in a garden under a grove of leafy trees. His … Read more