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Nepali art and Craft ideas – Nepali woodcarving belongs to a long and noble tradition. A few moments gazing at the wood carvings on the struts of temple roofs.

The frames of windows in the Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Patan or Bhaktapur. It is enough to make you realize that the Newar artisans who produced then were in a league of their own.

Nowadays you can buy miniatures of such work – no match for the originals popular souvenir. The best place to shop for wood carvings in Bhaktapur, particularly in Dattatreya Square. There you will also find the National Woodcarving Museum.


Nepalese arts and crafts



Nepalese arts and crafts

In Kathmandu’s Durbar square and in tourist areas such as Thamel, itinerant peddlers carrying “flute trees” are a common sight. For those who seek a greater musical challenge, the sarangi is a bowed fiddle-like instrument.

Nepali Arts and Crafts

Nepali Arts and Crafts


Puppets and masks make good gifts for adults and children alike. Thimi is a particularly good place to look for papier-mache masks. The masks are usually depictions of Ganesh, Kumari or Bhairav, and are used in festive masked dances. Read some facts about Nepalese Handicrafts.

Where to Buy Nepali Arts and Crafts

When buying puppets and Nepali Modern Art, check that the heads are made of papier-mache rather than clay – the latter is liable to break in transit.

Bhaktapur is a good hunting ground for puppets, particularly the woodcarving shops of Durbar square. Bhaktapur is also the place to seek out the block-printed handmade paper. It is perfect for wrapping an unusual gift.

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