Janai Purnima

Janai Purnima is another festival of great importance for Hindu People. It is generally celebrated on the Shrawan Sukla Purnima every year. It is celebrated by the Hindu people of Nepal and India and by Hindu people all over the world. It is also celebrated by Buddhist and Jain people with equal importance. Janai Purnima is also known as ‘Rishitarpani’, ‘Rakhsyabandhan’, and ‘Kwati Purne’.

In Hindu mythology, demonic king Mahabali is believed to be so powerful that there is a threat among Gods in heaven. So, to prevent Gods in heaven Lord Vamana, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, offer Rakhshyabandhan to demonic King Mahabali to prevent him from hurting God in heaven. It is also believed that Lord Brihaspati, the teacher of Lord Indra, has started the Rakhsyabandhan ceremony to prevent demonic powers.

Janai purnima festival

When is Janai Purnima in 2021

This year in 2078 B.S., Janai Purnima is going to be celebrated on 6th of Bhadra month according to the Nepali calendar which means 22nd of August, 2021 A.D. according to the Gregorian calendar.

Thus, Janai Purnima is the day to prevent oneself from misfortune and demon’s threats. People also celebrate this occasion to purify from their sins and to bring peace, happiness, prosperity, and longevity of the family members. This festival is celebrated by all cast of Nepal. So, this festival has its own significance to create unity in diversity and religious harmony in the society.

CELEBRATED BY: Hindu, Buddhist and Jain people

CELEBRATED AT: All over Nepal

Janai purnima


On Janai Purnima, family members and relatives gather at one place, visit different temples and enjoy among themselves by eating delicious foods. On this occasion, various sacred ponds and lakes of Nepal are overcrowded by the devotee.

During this ceremony, many devotees often visit Gosaikunda of Rasuwa, Nepal. They take bath their and performing various rituals, chanting of mantras they renewed their sacred thread called ‘Janai’ in Nepalese dialect.

Kumbheswor Kunda of Lalitpur is another sacred place that is overcrowded by devotee during this occasion. Along with this, Badimalika of Bajura and Khaptad Triveni of far western Nepal, Pach (five) pokhari and Bhairab Kunda of Sindhupalchowk, Sailung Kalinkchowk of Dolakha and Dudhkunda of Solukhumbu Nepal are the sacred places to where pilgrimage often visit to perform activities of Janai Purnima. Along with renewing of Janai by Brahmans and Chhetris, other people receive sacred thread called ‘Rakhsyabandhan’ from Pandit and Purohits.

Celebrating Janai Purnima As Rakshya Bandhan in Tarai

In the Terai region of Nepal, this day kept special meaning with brother and sister. On this day, sister put Rakhsyabandhan (also called ‘Rakhi’) to their brother’s hand and pray for the prosperity and longevity of the brother and provides him delicious food and sweets. In return, brother also put Rakhi to their sister’s hand and also pray for the prosperity and longevity of sister along with beautiful gifts. This helps to make the relationship between brother and sister warm and even more stronger than before.

Rakshya Bandhan in Nepal

Janai Purnima for Newar Community

People of the Newari community celebrated this day as ‘Kwati Purne’. It is believed that due to hard work in the field for plantation during the rainy month the body may become weak. So, to strengthen the body and to prevent from cold and other diseases, people eat soup of nine different bowls of cereal on this day.

These cereals are soaked in water and they are cooked and eat only after sprouts came in it which is known as ‘Kwati’ in Newari dialect. These activities nowadays are performed by every Nepalese due to its benefit to health as well. Also, people of Newari community worship frog on this day as it is regarded as the courier of rain which affects the productivity of plant in the field.

Hence, as a whole Janai Purnima is celebrated renewing Janai, receiving Rakhsyabandhan, visiting different Kunda, eating Kwati, and enjoying with the family members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Janai Purnima Celebrated?

    Janai Purnima is celebrated renewing Janai, receiving Rakhsyabandhan, visiting different Kunda, eating Kwati, and enjoying with the family members.

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