Ramanavami festival

Ramanavami (March to April) commemorates the epic victory of Rama, hero of the Ramayana, over his arch-rival Ravan. Elephants, ox-carts and horses

Ram navami

Opposite: A Vishnu statue in Bhaktapur glistens with oil and pollen anointed by passing worshippers. Above: All Kathmandu valley turns out to join the eight-day Indra Jatra Festival, the annual celebration of the monsoon rains and the conquest of the area by the ruling dynasty in the eighteenth century. OVERLEAF: Flour fills the air as Buddhist monks at Kathmandu valley’s famed Bodhnath stupa celebrate yet another religious festival.

lead thousands of devotees through Janakpur in milling throng. Other Ramanavami celebrations are held in Kathmandu and elsewhere for those unable to travel to Janakupur.

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