Family Tour in Nepal with Kids 2020

Family tour in Nepal with Kids

Now for the good news: Many people who have traveled with their children in Nepal come back with glowing reports. For a start, the Nepalese, like all Asians, are wonderfully tolerant of children, and in the budget and mid-range hotels, they’ll find playing companions in the adult staff. Most hotels and guesthouses, like many of the restaurants, have garden areas, which are perfect for kids to play in.


Family Tour in Nepal with Kids

Family tour in Nepal with Kids

There are no theme parks or fun parks and no beaches to keep children amused in Nepal, and it’s a rare child who can find as much interest in the architectural and artistic delights of the Kathmandu Valley as his or her parents can.

What Nepal does have in abundance, however, is mountains. Taking one of the easier treks with excellent views of the mountainous skyline can be great fun for kids. They’ll sleep like logs at night.

Trekking companies can provide advice and make arrangements that will make the trek with children more comfortable. As a bare minimum, it is a good idea to hire porters to carry your luggage and, in the case of small children, the kids themselves in case they become tired or sick.


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Health and Safety Tips For Kids in Nepal

There’s no point pretending that Nepal is the perfect family holiday destination for the Kids. For a start, there’s little in the way of children’s amusements in Nepal; but even more importantly, there are some health matters to consider.

  1. Be sure that your children have had all their vaccinations and any additional immunizations that your doctor recommends for Nepal.
  2. Many diseases that have been eradicated or are very rare in developed countries are still present and a threat to the health of children in Nepal.
  3. The narrow, crowded streets of the cities are also a concern. If you have very small children, a stroller is next to useless in such conditions. Bring a baby carrier that straps onto your back or chest.
  4. The risk for bigger children is getting lost. Keep a close eye on them, and as an extra precaution, ensure that they carry a photocopy of their passport with them at all times.

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