3 Types of Hotels In Pokhara Near Lakeside

Accommodations in Pokhara are not as sophisticated as in Kathmandu. Generally, you’ll find that the luxury and inexpensive categories of accommodation provide the best value for money. Most of the actual mind range hotels are disappointing.

Pokhara has three main accommodation areas.

  1. Lakeside – The airport area, has a couple of Pokhara’s better hotels, but it has little going for it as a base,
  2. Damside – The airport area has a couple of Pokhara’s better hotels, but it has little going for it as a base, and
  3. The Airport – Lakeside is the busy part of town a colourful, bustling enclave of shops, restaurants, and guesthouses.

Types of Hotels in Pokhara Lakeside

Hotels in Pokhara Lakeside

Few of the hotels or guesthouses have views of the lake, however. Damside, in the south of Pokhara, is a quieter version of Lakeside.

Luxury Hotels in Pokhara

The latest arrival on the Pokhara accommodation scene is the Pokhara Shangri-la Village (061) 22122 fax (061) 21995, Pokhara, south of the airport. This luxury development has 61 rooms and is run by the Shangri-la group- bookings can be made at the Shangri-la Hotel (01) 412999 in Kathmandu.

Despite the emergence of competition, for many Pokhara visitors the Fish Tail Lodge (061) 465071 fax (061) 465072, Lakeside, Pokhara, is still the only place to stay. Accessible only by a pontoon raft, it stands on a rocky promontory at the eastern end of the Phewa lake.

The views are spectacular, and the glass-walled restaurant over-looking the lake and the Annapurna massif is one of the best places to dine in all Pokhara. In Kathmandu, reservations can be made at the Hotel de1′ Annapurna (01) 221711.

Mid-Range Hotels in Pokhara

The New Hotel Crystal, Nadhunga (061) 20035 fax (061) 20234, Pokhara, has the look of a hotel that was constructed with the tour group market in mind. Although many mid-range travellers put up here. It’s worth bearing in mind that there are rooms at half the price in Lakeside that come close to the same standards provided here.

The Hotel Tragopan (061) 21708 fax (061) 20474, Damside, has just one drawback: its location on a busy intersection. Otherwise, it’s a good mid-range hotel, with a restaurant, put, garden and shops.

The Base Camp Resort (061) 21226 fax (061) 20990, Lakeside, is an excellent alternative to the mainstream mid-range accommodations. It’s an informal affair, with two-storied bungalows grouped around a pleasant leafy garden. They offer all the amenities you would expect from a good hotel, just like air conditioning, international phone service, and satellite television at affordable prices.

Inexpensive Hotels in Pokhara

The best advice for finding reasonable accommodation is to hire a taxi to Lakeside or Damside and take a look around at the hotels. There’s no shortage of very comfortable rooms. With attached bathrooms and balconies from US$40 To US$41 per night.

The Hotel Meera (061) 463091, Lakeside, is one of the new breeds of budget hotels. It’s right in the heart of Lakeside, and the comfortable rooms are fitted with large windows to make the most of the lake views. The downstairs restaurant serves excellent Nepali and Indian cuisine.

At the Hotel Khukuri (061 21540) fax (061) 21670, Lakeside, you’ll find and another new hotel with a charming ambience. All rooms have attached bathroom with 24-hour hot water. Satellite television and international direct-dial telephones also connected. Located in the same lane are two excellent lodge-style accommodations with rates starting around US$40.

The Tranquility Lodge (061) 21030, Lakeside, as its name suggests, is a peaceful spot set in an expansive garden. Close by is the Butterfly Lodge (061) 22892, Lakeside, a similar operation.

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