3 Types of Hotels in Kathmandu for Accommodation

Three Types of Hotels in Kathmandu provides travelers with a wide range of accommodation option. From the lap of luxury to basic guesthouse bed and washroom standards and everything in-between.

Types of Hotels in Kathmandu

Three Types of Hotels in Kathmandu

  1. Luxury Hotels in Kathmandu
  2. Mid-range Hotels in Kathmandu
  3. Expensive Hotels in Kathmandu

Luxury Hotels in Kathmandu

Luxury Hotels in Kathmandu

One of the great attractions of the Hotel Shangri-la (01) 412999 fax (01) 414184, P.O.Box 655, Lazimpat, Kathmandu. Its back garden, much favored as a sunny retreat to while away an afternoon with a book. The excellent swimming pool is constructed along the lines of a traditional bathing ghat.

The Shangri-la has the full complement of services and restaurants. The latter including Tien Shan, probably the best Chinese dining in all Nepal. As is the case at the Hotel Yak and Yeti, request a room with a garden view.

Less conveniently located but also boasting impeccable standards is the Everest Hotel. Contact: (01) 4780100 fax (01) 224421, P.O.Box 659, New Baneswor, Kathmandu.

The room furniture is tasteful if slightly worn in some rooms. The hotel has a swimming pool, Tennis court, a shopping arcade, a roof-top bar. It also has a restaurant (on eight floors, the Everest is Kathmandu’s tallest hotel) a casino and one of the few discos in Kathmandu. Best 5 Star Luxury Hotels in Kathmandu with Casino.

Mid-Range Hotels in Kathmandu

Mid Range Types of Hotels- Without a doubt, the unique hotel in Kathmandu is Dwarika’s Kathmandu Village Hotel. Contact : (01) 4470770 fax (01) 4471379, P.O.Box 459, Battisputali, Kathmandu. A winner of the Heritage Award from the Pacific Asia Tourist Association (PATA). Dwarika’s is a hotel that comes close to being a museum.

Hotels in Kathmandu for Accommodation

Many of the fittings in the hotel have been rescued from buildings slated for demolition. Or on the verge of collapse and faithfully restored by a team of craftspeople employed by the hotel. The rooms combine modern comforts with tasteful antique fittings. There’s an aesthetic sense if you stay here, of having made a small contribution to the maintenance of Nepal’s prosperous but threatened artistic heritage.

Expensive Hotels in Kathmandu

Expensive Types of Hotels- Coming in at the high end of the mid-range is the Hotel Shanker. Contact: (01) 4410151 fax (01) 4412691m P.O.Box 350, Lazimpat, Kathmandu. This is one instance, however, where that little extra makes all the difference. The majestic old building in the style of a European palace -makes staying here is a grand experience. The one catch is that room standards and sizes vary considerably, and some of the rooms are disappointing.

Expensive hotels in Kathmandu

There’s a lot to be said for the convenience of a Thamel location. The great shopping and almost unlimited opportunities for dining out. One place that provides this along with standards above the average Thamel guesthouse.

The Hotel Manang (01) 410933 fax (01) 415821, P.O.Box 5608, Thamel Kathmandu. Rooms are air-conditioned, sports mini-bars and satellite television and on the upper floors offer excellent views.

Hotels in Kathmandu

The best all-around choice, if you’re looking for five-star standards combined with some local color. The Best is the Hotel Yak and Yeti (01) 4248999 or (01) 4240520 fax (01) 227782, G.P.O.Box 1016, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. It is located in the city center and built around the wing of an old Rana Palace. It has 270 rooms, 19 suites, swimming, jogging trail, casino, shopping plaza and all the other services you might expect.

The Yak and Yeti also maintain a much cherished historical association with Boris Lissanevitch’s Royal Hotel. The chimneyed copper fireplace from Boris’s legendary Yak and Yeti bar (once the only expatriate haunt in all Kathmandu). It can now be found in the Yak and Yeti’s Chimney Room Restaurant (see where to eat, below). The rooms with garden views are particularly sought after.

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