Vivaha Panchami in Janakpur Dham, Nepal

The word Vivah means “marriage” while Panchami means “fifth day of the fortnight”. Vivaha Panchami is one of the greatest festivals of Hindu which is celebrated to mark the marriage anniversary of princess Sita of Janakpur and Prince Ram of Ayodhya. This day falls on Marga Shukla Panchami.

In our country, Vivaha Panchami is splendidly celebrated at Ram Janaki mandir in Janakpur. On this auspicious occasion, devotees take a bath early in the morning, wear sacred clothes, and worship Lord Ram and Sita.

Janakpur Dham

Vivaha Panchami 2023 Date Time and Tithi

Vivaha Panchami day is in Poush 1, 2080 Whereas it is on December 17, 2023.

Bibaha Panchami Tithi Begins – 08:00 PM on Dec 16, 2023
Bibaha Panchami Tithi Ends – 05:35 PM on Dec 17 , 2023

Vivaha Panchami Janakpur

Throughout the day, vajans and kirtans are done in the premise of Ram Janaki mandir as well as a demonstration of the life story of Lord Ram in acts. People take their kids from Ayodhya dressed up as Ram to visit Janakpur Dham in the same way Lord Ram visited to marry Sita in the historical era.

Little girls are dressed up as Sita in the Janakpur Dham in the memory of Sita. This day is the most suitable for the marriage ceremony.

It is also believed that they make a decent couple when married on this day as that of Ram and Sita. So, lots of couples get married on this auspicious day.

Devotees recite Ramayana in the Ram Janaki temple to recall the life history of Lord Ram and take lessons from his life. The temple of Ram Janaki is decorated with flowers and colours and several devotees from India and different parts of Nepal visit this temple to worship Lord Ram and Sita and get their blessings.

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Janaki Temple

Vivaha Panchami for matrimonial Relationship

This festival represents the peaceful matrimonial relationship between two neighboring countries, Nepal and India. This festival not only marks the religious values of the day but also helps in maintaining the friendly relationship and harmony between these two countries.

Hence, this festival is celebrated for a good marriage life, prosperity in the family as well as a good bond between two nations.

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