Best Hotels in Kathmandu Nepal 2023

Find Best Hotels In Kathmandu Nepal. The Kingdom of Nepal may not be Monte Carlo, but it still offering FIVE-STAR hotels and world-class dining as well as trekking and adventure tour operators who are in a league of their own when it comes to providing for the needs of their guests.

Best Hotels in Kathmandu Nepal

This are Best Hotels in Kathmandu Nepal

Nepal’s best hotels are all in Kathmandu and Pokhara. They cannot compare in opulence with the top hotels in Bangkok or Delhi, but they put on a good show given their limited resources. See where to stay in the section on Kathmandu for information on hotels such as the Hotel Yak and Yeti, the Everest Hotel and the Hotel Shangri-la.

Elsewhere in Nepal, the best hotels are usually mid-range in a standard. The new Shangri-la Village in Pokhara is an exception. Pokhara’s Fish Tail Lodge is also an excellent hotel by local standards. But its popularity is due more to its splendidly isolated position overlooking the Phewa Lake than anything else.

The Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge may not offer five-star comforts, but there are few places in the world where you can rough it in such style. Built-in the form of a traditional Tharu longhouse with conventional wall paintings and locally woven rugs and bedspreads, the lodge is the perfect base from which to set out into the Terai on the back of an elephant.

NightLife at Hotels In Kathmandu

BY 10 pm, Kathmandu is mostly tucked into bed and nodding off to sleep. Elsewhere around the kingdom, the day might have ended even earlier. If it’s drinking and partying you are looking for, your options will be decidedly low key.

There are several bars in the Thamel area, the best of them being the New Orleans and the Blue Note – small, intimate places with tasty jazz offerings. Both of them close at 10 pm. The only discos are in international hotels such as the Soaltee Oberoi, Yak and Yeti, and Everest Sheraton hotels.

Kathmandu has four casinos: the Casino Nepal, Soaltee Oberai Hotel 01 270244; Casino Anna 01 223479, Hotel de 1 Annapurna; Casino Everest 01 220567, Everest Hotel; and the Casino Royal 01 228481, Yak and Yeti Hotel. The patterns are mostly Indian visitors, who stake small fortunes on the turn of a card at baccarat, Chemin defers, and the turn of the roulette wheel. The chips are valued in Indian rupees or other foreign currencies. The casinos are off-limits to Nepali citizens.

Expectational Restaurants

When it comes to dining out, the high life in Nepal is something just about any traveller can splurge on. It isn’t straightforward to spend more than US$30 per head on a meal, even in Kathmandu’s most excellent restaurants. Indian cuisine is what Nepal does best, and restaurants such as Ghar-e-Kabab Kathmandu can be compared with the best anywhere. See the Kathmandu part in the WHERE TO EAT section for recommendations of top-notch restaurants in the capital.

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